Work hard, play hard

Post by Android Vietnam | 13-07-2023

The core of a strong team is cohesion, so that each person feels he is an integral part and plays an important role in the collective success.

Therefore, the team building activities held annually at Amobear have become an extremely important activity and cultural feature, attracting the attention of all members.

During this trip, the members were able to discover many more interesting surprises about the “familiar but strange” Quang Binh land, from the rustic dishes of the Central region to the beautiful natural scenery of the city.

Flight number 6331 of Vietnam Airlines departed at 7.30 am on July 6 from Noi Bai airport with the big family of family A and the joy of discovering the beautiful Central region.

Quang Binh welcomed us with cool weather, bright yellow sunshine, clear sky, and fresh air typical of the central climate.

Accompanying the Amobear family for 4 days and 3 nights will be Celina Peninsula Resort Quang Binh. Located in Duong Canh, less than 1 km from Nhat Le Beach, Celina Peninsula Resort Quang Binh offers not only accommodation with a restaurant but also a spa, outdoor swimming pool and fitness center. In addition, the resort has a bar, garden, gym and private beach area.

Quang Binh tourism is known for many famous temples such as Dai Giac Pagoda, Hoang Phuc Pagoda, Vinh Phuoc Pagoda, Non Pagoda… Among them, the largest and located in the center is Dai Pagoda. Cup. Therefore, house A chose this as the first destination in the travel journey in this central strip of land!

Coming to Dai Giac Pagoda, we have the opportunity to admire the 9-storey Amitabha stupa. The top floor of the statue worships Duc Tu Lo Gia Na Buddha – this is a statue invited from Myanmar, made of jade stone. The remaining floors are painted with gilded vermilion, worshiping Buddha statues. The last floor worships Chuan De Bo Bodhisattva – the statue is carved with many arms holding Dharma tools, showing the power and sacredness of the compassionate Bodhisattva. One of the most characteristic symbols of Dai Giac Pagoda is the Amitabha Buddha statue made of marble, with a height of up to 9m and a weight of 9 tons. Currently, it is the largest marble statue in the country.

After lunch full of energy, Amobear members eagerly explore Nhat Le beach. Nhat Le Beach conquers visitors at first sight with its wild and poetic beauty. The beauty of this place seems to have not been affected by people and time. The beach is deep and gentle with clear blue water to see the bottom, smooth white sand stretches endlessly, standing out against the blue sky and white clouds. All of this makes Nhat Le beach seem to be a harmonious picture of heaven and earth. In addition, the sound of the wind and the sound of the waves crashing create a soothing music from nature.

Gala Dinner is a spiritual party that the company’s leadership gives to employees and their family members.


After the program rituals, everyone had a reception and participated in fun and interesting games such as: Everyone loves each other, Who is smarter…   Besides, the Gala night also had cultural performances. unique and majestic, creating an extremely vibrant atmosphere. The musical performances are homegrown products, performed by the members of the family A.








We spent the whole second day exploring the hottest tourist destination in Quang Binh: “Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park”. This is a World Heritage site that is very popular with domestic and foreign tourists. Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park has both developed eco-tourism and has many historical sites and attractive tourist activities such as walking, climbing, boating, cycling…

Phong Nha cave is known as “Thien Nam first cave” because of its unique beauty. This is also a world natural heritage recognized by UNESCO. The way to Phong Nha Cave on the Son River to admire the magnificent beauty of nature.








At the end of the day, we will explore Quang Phu sand dunes – one of the most beautiful sand dunes in Central Vietnam that everyone who comes to Quang Binh wants to visit. Quang Phu sand hill is located on the border between Quang Phu commune (Dong Hoi) and Nhan Trach commune (Bo Trach). People still call this place the “paradise” of Quang Binh’s sand.







In addition, Quang Phu sand hill is gentle, stretching to the green and clean coast because it is still wild, it is convenient to take a step right to the sea. In addition, this area is also suitable for playing adventure games, such as sandboarding. You have to conquer the sand dunes up to 100m high, surely the feeling of surfing on the fine sand from the high hill down is extremely interesting.












Mooc Spring is an ideal stop to help dispel all fatigue and heat in the following journey.

Many people when hearing the name Suoi Nuoc Mooc will find it extremely confusing but also very interesting. In the local language, the word “mooc” means “to grow” (to grow from the bottom up). It also explains the origin of the stream with its columns of water erupting from the ground. From there, it forms Nuoc Mooc stream, which blends into the cool green Chay river. Not only is nature beautiful, but outdoor adventure games are different from the man-made parks. This is how to zipline, kayak, jump bridge, feel the cool breeze caressing your skin and immerse yourself in the clear blue water of Mooc stream.

A trip is not too long, but gives Amobear a happy and complete vacation. Happy to temporarily leave work to be free to enjoy. Glad to be able to overcome difficult challenges with teammates to win. And happy to have mingled together in a meaningful Gala, sitting together, laughing in delight, to be more connected and united.

The trip has ended and has been a success beyond expectations, I wish the Amobear team in particular and the entire A family in general to be more and more connected and growing. Wish the members always make efforts and devote more to the common development of the Company, so that each person can be fully engaged in the upcoming teambuilding trips.