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Work Environment

Working Environment

In the effort to achieve AVN’s mission, it is essential to create an environment where all employees can promote their unique abilities. The first thing I’d like all AVN leaders to do is to be concerned about each employee’s psychological well-being and personal development.

CEO Nguyễn Tuấn

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Respect the differences in a creative environment

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No matter who you are, an entry-level worker or an experienced employee, Android VN will always be patient with you as you train and evolve to become the greatest version of yourself.
Despite there are differences about work methods and characteristics, everything should be founded on the criteria of mutual understanding and corporate.

Give ownership

You are free to own your own goods, projects, and work at Android Vietnam. You have unlimited freedom to offer initiatives that you believe have great potential.
Android Vietnam encourages you to make project development decisions actively and collaboratively. From idea to reality, we are here to help you.
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Focus on developing personal growth

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Culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing.
Will be consulted, accompanied, and supported in your career progress.
Establish and pursue both short- and long-term goals together by putting OKRs into practice.
To increase internal capability, provide scholarships for courses, workshops, and conduct internal seminars for employees.

Exciting learning and cultural activities

Quarterly team-building activities.
Travel 2 times per year
Participate in ping pong, foosball, billiards, play station and football clubs.
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Special care regimen for women

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Women’s physiological leave: 1,5 hours/month

Appealing and adequate general welfare

Pay social insurance after signing official contract
Salary for the 13th++ month and business bonus
Performance review: Twice per year or 2 times/year
Seniority allowance
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Career opportunity

Join us and create great things.

Android Vietnam is always looking for people who are passionate about challenges to create special values ​​for the community.

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