The journey of 4 days and 3 nights is full of happy experiences of the Amobear family

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At the end of July and beginning of August 2019, the historical rains continuously for 1 week caused the pearl island of Phu Quoc to sink into the sea of ​​water right at the time of the Amobear family’s trip. Passing more than 2000 km from Hanoi to stay in the room all day made that year’s trip incomplete and full of regrets. Learning from that steamy trip, this year, the 4-day 3-night journey has been moved to the end of October to avoid storms, promising to bring the best experience for the Amobear brothers and sisters. Take a look at the entire trip every year. Before the departure date 1-2 days, a series of forecasts on the weather app in Phu Quoc will have rain, making everyone worried and a little bit related to the trip every year. . But that is not enough to overwhelm the excitement as well as the legs of the Amobear family members…especially when the tickets have been booked since April and the springs have been compressed very tightly, just waiting for the right time to open the roof, hope to the sea quickly to purify the soul.


7:15 – Noi Bai International Airport

We booked round-trip air tickets of Bamboo Airline, it must be said that the whole flight was extremely smooth and served wholeheartedly, so everyone was satisfied. Every day, I have to face Mr. Trung’s meetings at 8:30 am, now I am watching the clouds and clouds, away from work, it’s so chill, even though I know this moment won’t last forever, I can still enjoy it.

9:10 – Ngoc island is under the wings




Fishing boats and canoes can be seen in the distance, but the most prominent is the longest sea-crossing 220 kV transmission line in Southeast Asia connecting Kien Binh commune – Phu Quoc with a length of 80.4 km with 117 towers crossing the sea. I know I have reached the territory of Ngoc island. The flight lasted 2 hours, but there was no fatigue on the faces of the Amobear-ers, including the child members. And fortunately when the plane landed in the sky, it was all wet, dry and cool, not too hot, really pleasing to people.



10:00 – Mediterranean town Phu Quoc (Sun Premier Village Primavera)

After landing at Phu Quoc International Airport, the whole team moved to the Mediterranean town located in An Thoi town. This is an emerging check-in place in Phu Quoc with a total area of up to 39.3 hectares. Coming to this place, everyone is fascinated and surprised by the ancient and luxurious beauty. Those are colorful buildings, architecture inspired by the Amalfi land in western Italy. And the blue sea – white sand – golden sunshine. All have created a unique attractive beauty for this town located in the south of Phu Quoc island.











11:00 – Local cuisine

After living the virtual life, the stomach also spoke, the team moved to the local Hanh Nhung seafood restaurant. Here, everyone enjoys their first lunch on Ngoc Island with many delicious specialties and an unmistakable sea view.

12:00 – Discover pearls

It’s not time to check in yet, so the Amobear brothers and sisters bought gifts for their family and easily stopped by Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm – the leading pearl brand on Ngoc Island and owns the largest pearl farming farm in Phu Quoc. Here Mr. Quang Rambo found a gift for his good wife and Mr. Tung Tao Tau chose for his beloved mother a very beautiful pearl necklace. Family is truly the most wonderful place, where husbands and children, wherever they are, always remember. With this gift, I believe that Quang can go out and play for a whole month :))

14:00 – AVS Hotel Phu Quoc

After finishing the tour at Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm, the whole group got on the bus to move to AVS Hotel Phu Quoc to rest. This is a place that is highly rated by domestic and international travelers from 8.7 to 9.1 out of 10 on Agoda for friendliness, cleanliness, location, price, service. The rooms are cozy and modern designed with 4-star standard and have a virtual living view of the peak. Thank you boss for being extremely thoughtful and generous. It has been a long time since the members of the Amobear family have been able to let go of their worries together and enjoy such a peaceful afternoon, peace coming quickly to each of the senses. The clear sky is captured in sight, the sound of the waves is soothing to the ears, and the feeling of peace gently touches the fingers and face and spreads quickly to the mind.

18:30 – Gala Dinner

Landing at Golden Sea restaurant, the highlight of the team’s first day in Phu Quoc ended with a fully-burned Gala Dinner with Amobear’s vocalists & especially the excitement from The Star dance troupe with 3 fiery girl. A wonderful party night not only enjoyed “specialty” dishes such as herring salad, grilled snails with salt and pepper, grilled scallops with onion fat, grilled squid … but we also participated in activities. It was a lot of fun at the party that night.


Indeed, it is not natural that Phu Quoc has become the most attractive tourist destination in Vietnam in recent years. With the beauty favored by nature, fine white sand, blue sea & many small islands – as beautiful as the paradise of Maldives. And the 4-island canoe tour was really impressive, unforgettable for the members who participated, the weather was too favorable for the Amobear family member when the sun was not too hot that day, the sea was also calm, creating favorable conditions for the people. could be more perfect for this discovery.

After picking up enough guests, the whole group will be taken to An Thoi port, get on a canoe to start the sightseeing journey. Normally at 9, 10 am, I’m still sleepy but I don’t know why I’m so awake that day. It must be because it has been a long time since I have breathed in the sea breeze with such a clear view of nature.

The first destination in the 4-island canoe tour of Phu Quoc is a floating raft house where visitors can wear diving equipment to walk on the seabed & watch corals. However, with the price is quite painful and the time to prepare for diving is quite long, so few members want to experience it.















May Rut Island is the charging coordinates for Amobear memes at noon, after swimming, checking in and watching coral all morning.

But did you know, in the middle of the pearl island, there is a place called “paradise of heaven”, “the most expensive pearl of the pearl island”? That is Hon Thom – where there are many interesting surprises and new experiences that attract tourists.

Favored by mother nature with majestic beauty, Hon Thom looking down from above is like an emerald emerging in the middle of the vast sea. Surrounded by a stretch of white sand beach with crystal clear blue water, long cliffs reaching out to play with the waves. On the ground, the vegetation is green, while in the sea, the colorful coral reefs sparkle in the sunlight. It is no exaggeration to say that Hon Thom is not inferior to the famous Maldives island paradise. But not only has the majestic nature, enchanting beautiful landscape, Hon Thom also makes people fall in love with extremely interesting experiences in which both bring surprise and joy.

15:30 – Explore Hon Thom cable car & recover energy at Vinpearl Discovery Phu Quoc

In recent years, when visitors to Phu Quoc are advised that one of the must-try experiences is the Hon Thom cable car experience. Hon Thom cable car is the world’s longest sea-crossing three-wire cable car system recognized by Guinness World Records. Although sitting inside the cable car, but moving above the pristine islands, the seaports anchoring hundreds of colorful boats, through the “unique” picture of Phu Quoc gives us the feeling of being so fly. In front of the fairy scene that constantly changes with the sun, sometimes it is clear in the dawn light with a strong sea breeze, caressing over a sparkling silver sea, sometimes mysteriously full of light. Afternoon dyes the horizon red, it is no exaggeration to say that this experience makes us feel like we have reached heaven.



17:20 – Vinpearl Villa

Returning to Vinpearl, the Amobear brothers and sisters were impressed with the 4-bedroom garden view villa with an area of 405 m² and 4 bedrooms, with a luxurious, smart design, fully integrated amenities, and a view. overlooking the green lake, private swimming pool.


18:00 – Enjoy buffet cuisine at Clubhouse Restaurant The Forest

Clubhouse The Forest restaurant does not offer a diverse and delicious buffet menu, but the beautiful decoration of dishes prepared by excellent 5-star chefs is also an attraction for diners.

19:05 – Explore the Grand World



In the Grand World Phu Quoc travel itinerary, the first destination to mention is the Teddy Bear Museum. This is the 8th Bear kingdom in the world. The museum was built like a giant donut with an area of up to 1500m2. It displays more than 500 Teddy bears made with the highest quality ingredients and exquisitely handmade. The Teddy Bear Museum at Grand World was inspired by the Indiana Jones movie. The Indiana Teddy Bear is personified as a famous adventurer, they will take you on an adventure to a new land like the “forgotten city” Petra, ancient Egypt…

22:45 – rocking the roof at Mr.Poker’s room

Beer foam, sound, squid, golden fish, under the skillful roasting hands of Mr. Duong Tung, Hoang Ngoc & Trong Hieu, you had a memorable evening of singing – talking about the sky under the pool. Unfortunately, a little bit of beer & the sound system is not good, so the Amobear brothers haven’t been able to fly to their full range.

For anyone who is a fan of the Animal World program on VTV2, perhaps at least once wished to see animals in real life without having to go through the TV screen, indeed before experiencing Safari I did not I thought it was so real and so close. Safari will help you realize your dreams of seeing and hearing with wild animals. What separates them and people is now only the thickness of a tempered glass panel on a dedicated bus.




Located at Ganh Dau cape, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is Vietnam’s first semi-wild zoo that opened its doors to visitors in 2015. With an area of 380ha, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is home to rare animals from around the world such as lemurs, white lions, square-lipped rhinos…





Under the canopy of green forest in the zoo is the home of more than 3000 individuals of 150 species of animals. Gathering many species of mammals listed in the Vietnam Red Book and rare species from Africa and America such as Australian kangaroos, Bengal tigers, Arabian saber-horned antelopes…

It takes half a day to be able to partially explore the habitat of the wildlife here. The Amobear brothers and sisters returned to the resort to have lunch and rest so that in the afternoon, they could continue to explore another magnificent place that surprised everyone. That is VinWonders.



The first destination on the wonderful journey of VinWonders Phu Quoc is the ancient European Boulevard. Here, visitors will travel back in time to bustling and lavish medieval Europe, “check-in” with typical Renaissance architecture such as bell tower, old town, stone wall. Enjoy shopping, enjoying food at quaint restaurants at “Copenhagen Fair” and “Fire Phoenix Square”, the sisters seem to be lost in real Europe!

Dubbed as a miniature ocean, Vinpearl Aquarium Phu Quoc will help you admire hundreds of interesting sea creatures from all over the world. This place is arranged and divided into 3 areas: Rainforest (fresh water), Cave (reptiles), and Ocean (salt water), very convenient for your travel and exploration. . Besides, you can also enjoy interesting and unique shows such as the performance of beautiful mermaids or the fish feeding show that will be held every day at the wonderful aquarium. this beautiful.

The last day at the beautiful Pearl Island, the whole Amobear family spent time resting, immersed in the sound of the waves whispering under the green coconut trees.

A truly unforgettable 4-day vacation in Phu Quoc has brought everyone so many experiences. From explosive experiences to relaxation and harmony with nature, everything is wonderful.

At 12 o’clock, the group completed the check-out procedures and moved to Phu Quoc airport, returning to Hanoi with unfinished deadlines.

Goodbye Phu Quoc, see you again in peace!

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