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    Disabling and enabling any packages or installed, bloatware and system applications
    Google Play:
    Free version:

    Only for Samsung devices - NO ROOTING required
    - App & Package Disabler help you disable any unwanted applications or packages that pre-installed (installed, system app) with your device.
    - Simple and easy to use with one tap to disable & enable all the packages (applications). This application can works WITHOUT ROOT Permission.
    - App & Package Disabler will disable application(package) and make them disappear. Disabled application can not be uninstalled or updated via Google Play.
    Main features:
    - Disabling and enabling any packages or applications (installed, bloatware or system app)
    - Export\Import XML file to backup disabled packages list to sdcard which you can restore at any time you want.
    - One tap to remove all bloatware(bloatware apps are pre-installed apps and safe to remove)
    - Quickly search, quickly filter installed, system and disabled applications(packages).
    - VkingMobi studio cannot be responsible for any damage you may cause in your device. Be careful to use this application, please only disable application(package) which you know for certain aren't needed.
    How to uninstall this app:
    - This app using Device Administrator permission, so please click “Uninstall” button in this app to uninstall (the simplest way). In other way, go Settings –> Security –> Device administrators and uncheck "App & Package Disabler" before uninstalling normally.
    - This application may not work normally on custom devices or Rooted device
    - Always remember backups of your device before disable critical(system) app
    - Always update the lastest version of App & Package Disabler before using
    - Enable all disabled packages before using Android Software update and disable them later if you want (support by Export\Import function)
    We would love to hear from our users. If you have any issue or feedback, suggestion that will help us become the best app. Please email for us at:
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    Ứng dụng này có vẻ rất hữu ích
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    cập nhật phiên bản mới!

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