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    Lượt xem: 273
    Status: Completed
    IMDb Ratings: 6.8
    AW Score: 96
    Directed by Lee Gye-Byeok,
    Country: Korea,
    Year: 2016
    Theatrical release date: 10/13/2016
    Running Time: 112 minutes
    Quality: The beautiful
    Resolution: HD 720p
    Languages: English Subtitles
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    Category: War Movie, Movie Humor , Movie theaters, Movies
    Company Manufacture: Unknown


    Luck-Key is a Korean remake version of the film Key of Life (2012) of Japanese cinema. The main character in the new work is Hyung Wook (Yoo Hae Jin) - a man notorious cold-blooded killer in the Gypsy world. He has a professional working style and efficiency, never leave trace after the hand.

    One day, Hyung Wook encounter accidents at public baths and become unconscious . Taking advantage of the chaos, the young man Jae Sung (Lee Joon) Then swap your locker key with killer guy.

    Contrary to Hyung Wook, Jae Sung actor just mere incompetence, have a life of poverty, failure. After exchanging keys, his assassins posing as man, enjoying life riches .
    In contrast generation, Hyung Wook Upon waking up lost memory imagination, thought I was a poor actor. Batch case half crying, half laughing and started arise from here.

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